Whet Oasis Presents OZ, Open Decks Set Times Available


This announcement came as a surprise to me, and it’s definitely intriguing.

I’m used to the Electric Jellyfish lounge on Groove Cruise sailings. This UV lit decompression area featured ambient electronic music, comfy seating, and candy all set inside what appears to be a giant jellyfish.

Another new concept for Groove Cruise, “Whet Oasis presents: OZ”, appears to take the idea of a decompression area and turn it up a few levels.

With a flyer resembling none other than the yellow brick road from The Wizard of OZ movie and a list of area features aimed at relaxing after peak hour sets, OZ looks like something I do not want to miss.

OZ Features

According the flyer, this break-away-from-the-madness zone will include:

  • Aroma and Light Therapy Tea Time
  • Intentional Water Bar
  • Oxygen Bar
  • Chi Machine
  • Video Projection Dome
  • And more

Open nightly on the observation deck, count on me stopping by, for sure.

Open Decks


Getting a time slot at a world-class electronic music festival usually involves things such as being a huge superstar DJ. Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 will feature open decks on 2 nights to allow (almost) anyone to play aboard the ship.

You’ll have to email the Groove Cruise team so they can screen you, but assuming you’re not new to CDJs and you know how to throw a party, you should be able to secure a set time.

Open deck set times will take place on 10/28 and 10/31 in the Las Ramblas Silent Disco. I love silent discos, by the way.

If you make the cut, you’ll get a 60 minute set time to do your thing on 2 CDJ 2000s and 1 DJM 900. Email rafi@whettravel.com for more.

GCMIA 2017 On Sale

GCCABO 2016 is sold out and about to sail, but you can still get a cabin on Groove Cruise Miami 2017. Use GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) for $50 off/person.

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Are you heading to OZ to decompress? What do you think of the concept?

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