Whet Express Pass Benefits for GCLA 2017 & GCMIA 2018

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New for Groove Cruise LA 2017 and Groove Cruise Miami 2018 is the “Whet Express Pass”. This optional upgrade to your festival experience gets you on and off the ship quicker along with a few other benefits.

In addition to the Whet Express Pass, both sailings will be offering Captain’s Cocktail Parties. This is another optional upgrade, and you have the ability to purchase Captain’s Cocktail Party access and a Whet Express together.

Below, I’ll cover the details of each so you can decide if it’s something worth buying. These are upgrades to your booking, so if you haven’t booked yet, now is the time. Prices are going up as the events approach. GCLA 2017 is already over 60% sold out and GCMIA 2018 is over 80% sold out. Book now for the best prices and cabin selection.

Whet Express Pass Benefits

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Headlined with the “Skip the Lines” benefit, the brand new Whet Express Pass will be offered on both Groove Cruise LA 2017 and Groove Cruise Miami 2017.

It’s a $50 upgrade, and here’s what you get:

  • Expedited Check-in
  • First to Board
  • Stateroom Ready Upon Boarding
  • Priority Debarkation
  • Priority Line at Guest Services Desk
  • Laminated Souvenir Lanyard

Is it worth it?

The $50 upgrade is per person, and whether it’s worth it depends on your preferences and circumstances. Personally, I don’t mind waiting during the check in process. It gives you a chance to meet people and feel the hype building. However, not everyone feels the same so boarding early may be worth it to you.

I do see how it could definitely be worth the upgrade during debarkation. Lots of things outside of your control can hold up the debarkation process. If you have a flight to catch scheduled shortly after getting off the ship, the upgrade can give you peace of mind that you’ll make it.

Regarding the souvenir lanyard, I honestly don’t know if that is above and beyond the standard lanyard that Groove Cruise has been giving out for years or if you only get that now if you purchase the Whet Express Pass.

For me, the biggest benefit would be being able to get off the ship quickly in the case of having to catch a flight. Your situation may be different, but at least you know the option to get on and off the ship quickly is there.

You can purchase the Whet Express Pass while making your cabin reservation or by logging into your Whet Travel account.

Captain’s Cocktail Party Details

groove cruise miami 2018 whet express pass

This has been a staple upgrade on Groove Cruise for a while now. This year on both GCLA 2017 and GCMIA 2018, you can purchase the Captain’s Cocktail Party combined with the Whet Express Pass for $80 per person. Again, this is an optional upgrade on top of your cabin booking.

If you purchase this combo upgrade, here’s what you get:

  • All Whet Express Benefits above
  • Access to two (2) exclusive Captain’s Cocktail Parties on different nights
  • One Hour Open Bar at both events

Again, you can add these on during your cabin booking or log into your Whet Travel account to upgrade your current reservation

The full terms and conditions can be found during the booking or upgrade process, so be sure to read all the details in the Whet Travel booking engine.

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Book Now – Cabins Selling Fast

We are several months away from both GCLA 2017 and GCMIA 2018, but both are selling out very quickly. Prices have been going up monthly and the selection of cabins are limited, so now is the best time to book.

View the details for each event by visiting their respective pages on this site:

These pages have sailing dates, links to the prices, discount information, payment plan info, and more.

When you go to book your cabin, use discount code GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) for an easy and instant $50 off/person (up to $200 off per cabin). You can combine this with the other discounts offered like Squad in a Quad and Female Foursome for even more savings.

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