What to do the morning after the Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular travelers’ festivals in Thailand and Asia. Once a month you can take part in this party lasting for the whole night, and believe us, it’s worth it. After a long night of partying or retreating early back to your comfortable hotel room, you can continue your relaxed holiday on Koh Phangan island. In this article, we give you some ideas of things to do the morning after the Full Moon Party.

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What to do the morning after the Full Moon Party

There’s more to do on Koh Phangan than just experience the Full Moon Party. The day after is a perfect time to relax and enjoy island life.

Watch the sunrise on the beach

Sitting on the beach and watching the sunrise is one of the most popular ways to spend the morning on Koh Phangan. You would think that the beach had emptied already but usually there’re still a lot of people hanging around. Join the crowd and watch the sunrise while the dance music from night before is still playing on the beach. There still might be people on the fire jump rope.

Take part in the afterparties

Early hours don’t mean that people have given up on partying. Like we already mentioned, many people spend time on the beach even after the sunrise. In addition, you can find early after parties through the day from different venues around the area of Haad Rin. If you don’t find an afterparty for your taste, contact the new friends you have made in the Full Moon Party and spend time together on the beach until it’s time for you to leave and continue your adventure in Thailand.

Travel around Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a well known travel destination because of the Full Moon Party, but there’re a lot more things to do around the island. You can find several beaches even more beautiful than the Full Moon Party beach, hiking trails, water parks, and cooking classes. If any of the activities in Koh Phangan or the Full Moon Party afterparties don’t sound interesting for you, it’s always easy to travel to other parts of Thailand the morning after.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

Start planning your own Full Moon Party holiday with our useful travel guide and general tips you have to know before traveling to Koh Phangan. Book accommodation early using our recommendations and check the next Full Moon Party dates. Read everything you need to know from dress code (Hint: There is no dress code. Be comfortable.) to the activities to do after the Full Moon Party and plan your own trip.

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