What is the Blind Faith Mafia?

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Short Answer: The most dedicated and loyal of the GC fam – those who are willing to place their deposit on next year’s Groove Cruise…while currently on this year’s Groove Cruise.

Long Answer: You may have heard of the Blind Faith Mafia, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what it is or how to get in.

The Blind Faith Mafia is a dedicated group within the GC fam who are dedicated to experiencing Groove Cruise no matter what.

During a Groove Cruise sailing, an invitation is extended to attendees to “join” the Blind Faith Mafia. This is done by placing a refundable deposit down for next year’s Groove Cruise sailing. As incentive, guests are usually offered some sort of discount, exclusive swag, onboard credit, or something else to reward them for their commitment.

Keep in mind – this is done before ANYTHING is announced about next year’s event.

However, members of the Blind Faith Mafia generally receive an incentive as mentioned above along with the earliest access to cabins meaning they get their pick of cabin during the time when the most are available.

Once you’ve been on Groove Cruise, it’s easy to see why so many join the Blind Faith Mafia and commit to next year’s event. There is simply no other festival/rave/party experience like Groove Cruise, and joining the Blind Faith Mafia is the way to get the best deal and best cabin selection for next year’s event!

*Here’s an example of the Blind Faith Mafia details released while aboard GCMIA 2015.

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