What are the Full Moon Party music genres?

The Full Moon Party is one of the best-known events for travelers in Asia. This huge beach party happens once a month and includes dancing, good music, neon colors and other fun activities. You can find more information about Full Moon Party and travel tips to plan your own trip from our website. This post highlights all of the different Full Moon Party music genres played on the island.

Full Moon Party music genres for everyone

The Full Moon Party isn’t limited just one music genre, but it is predominantly electronic music. You can hear everything from house music to reggae, but the danceable beats of EDM, trance, and more are popular amongst travelers. Check out different venues in the area and visit the ones playing the music you like. Most venues have DJs who are playing the music for the crowds.

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Dance the night away at the Full Moon Party

Dancing on the beach is one of the main activities of the Full Moon Parties. You can enjoy the music and dance amongst other travelers. There is usually a lot of people, so it can get crowded. But the more the merrier, right? There is music playing everywhere you go in the Full Moon Party area so feel free to dance your way around the beach and venues. Most times, the music is upbeat like house or drum and bass. Don’t be embarrassed to dance and have fun with other travelers!

What genres can you listen to at the Full Moon Party?

So, what kind of genres do they play at the Full Moon Party? As mentioned, you can listen to almost any upbeat music at the Full Moon Party. For example, venues will playing lots of music including EDM, house, trance, psy-trance, drum and bass, hip hop, reggae, and whatever the DJs decide to play. Mostly, the genres depend on the venue you are visiting. If you’re looking for a change of style, just walk to a different venue.

The real party happens on the beach but visiting venues around the Full Moon Party area is fun, too. Well-known local and international DJs play music in every club making sure that all travelers are having fun.

Plan your trip to the Full Moon Party

Our site will help you with all questions you have when planning your Full Moon Party trip. Select the date you want to take part to the Full Moon Party. Remember to book your accommodation and check out the different transportation possibilities you have. Also, remember that Koh Phangan hosts lots of other parties, too.

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