What to wear to the Full Moon Party

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Despite the Full Moon Party occurring monthly throughout the entire year in Koh Phangan, the seasons don’t really affect the suggested attire. This post will cover what to wear to the Full Moon Party. You’re going to a party on a beach. Dress like you’re going to a party on a beach.

What to wear to the Full Moon Party

Here are some tips to stay comfortable and protect yourself against any hazards.


Full moon parties are hot and people tend to wear clothing similar to what they would wear to a day at the beach. There are various clothing shops near the Full Moon Party where they sell bright colored shorts, neon colored shirts, and t-shirts. Some have Full Moon Party graphics on them. Bright colors are favored at this party and almost everyone is wearing neon and ultraviolet reactive clothing.

At this party there are paint artists that will paint designs all over your body in whatever design or image you like. The paint is also a neon color with bright pinks, lime green, aqua blue, and
just about every fluorescent color you can think of. You will see both guys and ladies with unusual and unique designs all over their bodies. One thing you should know about this cool paint is that it may stain your clothing, so don’t wear expensive clothes or clothes that you don’t want to damage.

Your feet

Shoes are extremely important during the night. There are thousands of people that leave empty bottles and plastic buckets all over the beach. Don’t be that person, by the way.

Even though it might seem fun to party on the beach barefooted, if you’re not careful
and wearing shoes, you’re likely to walk into a broken bottle or sharp objects that can cut or hurt your feet. Even flip flops, thongs, or sandals will help protect your feet at least a little bit. You should be good to party all night long.

Personal belongings

The Full Moon Party is one of the biggest and well-known parties around the world where people come from all different parts of the world. People tend to party hard, so it is highly suggested to avoid taking anything that is valuable to the party. This will help prevent loss, as well as theft, and you’ll be able to party with safety in mind.

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