Watch My Day 3 of Groove Cruise Miami 2014 Video – An Extended Inside Look

GCX Day 3 Thumbnail 1024x576

In addition to my written review of GCMIA 2014, I’ve been sharing a number of videos. Today, I’m sharing an extended inside look of what happened on Day 3 of GCX. We spent the day at Playa Mia at an all inclusive private beach party, then spent the night enjoying sets from from some massive names on the scene. Like my other day-by-day videos, this one contains much less editing than my GCX Aftermovie and is meant to provide a better idea of what a day is actually like on Groove Cruise. If you want to check out my other videos from EDM events and fun activities in general, be sure to visit my YouTube channel (and subscribe!).


My final video for Groove Cruise Miami 2014, days 4 & 5 combined, will be posted soon!