Vibedration Coupon Code for 10% Off: DANCE

vibedration coupon code

I’m happy to share that you can now save 10% on stylish hydration packs with the Vibedration coupon code: DANCE. Every year, festival season brings us the events we save and plan for months in advance. From picking up early bird tickets to booking travel arrangements to planning outfits, ravers gear up to create memories at music festivals around the world.

Staying hydrated is basically rule #1 of attending music festivals, so use this coupon code to save some money on your gear. Visit

Vibedration Coupon Code

Here are the details:

  • Coupon Code: DANCE
  • Savings: 10% off - even on sale items

How to Use: When you’re checking out, simply copy/paste or type DANCE in the “gift card or discount code” box, then click apply. That’s it. You’ll see the discount applied immediately.

I’ve placed a tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Vibedration - Designer Hydration Packs

Vibedration has established itself as the leading designer hydration pack provider at festivals around the world. After seeing the packs myself at the official Vibedration booths at two different festivals in two different states, I was convinced that Vibedration not only provides good looking hydration packs, they are also committed to the festival scene and electronic music culture.

They are the perfect alternative to the more utilitarian-designed CamelBak offerings. CamelBak makes great packs, too, but Vibedration accomplishes the same task while allowing you to step up your style and express your individuality.


Vibedration offers uniquely designed hydration packs in a few different styles: Rave, Hippie, and Basic. These styles correlate to the type of designs you’ll find on the hydration packs. Rave has the most outlandish designs, while Hippie has a clear 60’s and 70’s influence, and Basic features unassuming designs for a more low-key presence.


You can pick up a Vibedration hydration pack with bladders ranging from as small as 1.0 liter to as large as 3.0 liters.

What size is right for you? That depends. Personally, I think 1.0 liter is a bit too small, as one of the big selling points of a hydration pack for me is to not have to refill as often. However, you might find this size to be perfect if you are smaller and don’t want as much weight to carry while jumping and dancing.

Also, Vibedration packs have extra storage space in addition to the water bladder. If you go with a smaller capacity, you’ll get a smaller pack with less storage space. Again, this is up to the individual, but I would find the 1.0 liter a bit limiting as I like to carry extra toilet paper, a 10,000mah portable battery and lightning cable, and have room for merch that I buy at festivals. I may even throw my GoPro and extension pole in there depending on the event or activity. I also attend festivals with my girlfriend and find myself carrying some of her things, as needed.

If you’d prefer a smaller pack and don’t carry much with you at festivals, then the 1 liter packs may suit you. Keep in mind, Vibedration offers 2.0 liter packs in “GA” and “VIP”. GA offers a more streamlined appearance with less storage space. I find this to be a great compromise of capacity and space for those looking for something more minimal.

Overall, I would personally go with a 2.0 liter VIP model as it has ample room for water and storage while not going as large as the 3.0 liter “Backstage” model which I find to be a bit too big. But I would also use it for hiking and other activities where I may need more capacity. If you're just going to festivals, the 2.0 liter GA model is a great all around pack for anyone.

Really, you can’t go wrong with any of the models, and the one that’s best for you depends on your needs. You just have to determine what is the right balance for you in terms of water capacity and storage space.

Official site:
Vibedration coupon code for 10% off: DANCE

Tutorial - How to Use this Coupon Code

Step 1: Visit the website

vibedration coupon code step 1

Step 2: Choose Your Pack(s) and Checkout

vibedration coupon code step 2

Step 3: Copy/paste or type DANCE into the discount code field

vibedration coupon code step 3

Step 4: Click "Apply" and complete your purchase

That's it. You just saved 10% on your stylish hydration pack(s). If you found this helpful, share it with your friends.