Are There Vegetarian Food Options on Groove Cruise?

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Short Answer: Yes – plenty.

Long Answer: If you have particular dietary needs or specific preferences when it comes to your food, then music festivals have the potential to present issues when it comes to options.

At typical music festivals, you’re likely to be stuck with a limited selection of slightly (or greatly) overpriced “festival food”. Festivals have been getting better and the culinary selection has improved significantly over the past few years, but you still run the risk of not having your preferred options available.

If you’re a vegetarian or choose to not eat meat, rest assured that you will have no issues aboard Groove Cruise, and your dietary needs will be met.

In fact, I would personally argue that Groove Cruise may be one of the best culinary experiences you’ll have at a music festival – especially if you’re a vegetarian.

As a vegetarian aboard Groove Cruise, you can expect selections of fresh fruit, potato-based dishes, pastas, salads, delicious desserts, international dishes, and more to be available to you during their respectives meals 24 hours a day. There are even vegetarian options during the overnight hours.

Having the food included in your cabin cost is one of the greatest things about regular cruises and especially Groove Cruise. Festival food is expensive, but on Groove Cruise, the food (including so many vegetarian options) is included and available 24 hours a day. And it’s not typical festival fare, it’s a balanced selection of food that would usually be reserved for a standard cruise.

You could go on Groove Cruise and stick to whatever diet you follow at home with no issues.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before (let alone Groove Cruise), you’re in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to food (if you like eating).

If you ever have questions about particular items, you can just ask one of the staff members. They are cruise line employees and well versed in handling specific dietary needs.

So, vegetarians, have no fears about the food selection. Groove Cruise (and the individual cruise line) has you covered.

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