Ubbi Dubbi 2019 payment plan details

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Ubbi Dubbi 2019, scheduled to take place on April 27-28, 2019 in Fort Worth, TX, has been generating a ton of hype. The new festival concept released a massive phase 1 AND phase 2 lineup and tickets have been selling fast. While the festival is just around the corner, you can still lock in your tickets and pay over time using an Ubbi Dubbi 2019 payment plan.

Pro-tip: Even if you’re using a payment plan, you can still get an instant $5 off each ticket just by using the promo code: UDRAVE

Ubbi Dubbi 2019 payment plan details

It really can’t get any easier to take advantage of the payment plan option. All you have to do is visit the ticket purchase page and select your tickets.

Then, you’ll see a dropdown that allows you to choose whether or not you’d like to use a payment plan. If you select “Yes”, a small table will appear showing you how much money you’ll have to put down along with how you’ll pay later and your payment due dates.

Finally, enter the UDRAVE promo code if you haven’t already. When you check out, you’ll see your discount(s) and your payment plan selection.

That’s it.

However, the event is approaching fast, so the payment plan option will be ending soon. Now is the time to buy if you want to use the payment plan. If you wait too long, 1) the payment plan option will no longer be available, and 2) prices will increases as they always do when the event nears.

Save $5 on Ubbi Dubbi 2019 tickets

As mentioned in this post, it’s instant and easy to save $5 on your tickets just by using the UDRAVE promo code when you check out.

Type it in, copy and paste it, or just click the button below to be taken to the ticket purchase page AND automatically have the promo code applied.

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Here’s some of the artists playing at Ubbi Dubbi 2019. See the full lineup here.