Try some Krating Daeng (or Thailand Red Bull) at the Full Moon Party

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Partying through the night at the Full Moon Party means that you will need as much energy as possible. Falling asleep just isn’t an option. Thailand Red Bull, officially called Krating Daeng, is perfect for the travelers who want to get everything out of enjoying the night of their dreams. Also, Krating Daeng is a must-try drink for those who want to know the origin of the energy drink, Red Bull. The taste is kind of same except it’s not carbonated, and it’s much sweeter. Be sure to share photos with the Thai Red Bull on your socials.

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Learn what Thailand Red Bull is all about

In 1975, a drink including B-vitamins, caffeine, sugar, taurine, and inositol was born in Thailand. Its main purpose was to work as an energy source for the workers in rural areas of the country. The world-famous logo of two red bulls was born after Krating Daeng started sponsoring Thai boxing. About 10 years later new company started marketing Thailand Red Bull internationally and the brand Red Bull was born. You can get Thailand’s own Red Bull from nearly everywhere in Thailand. It’s an easy way to get energy but also cool story to tell back at home.

Note: Be sure to follow any recommended consumption guidelines and refer to your home country’s stance on energy drinks if you need more guidance. 

What is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party is an event happening once a month during the full moon in a town called Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan. It’s known amongst travelers around the world as one of the best backpacker festivals in Asia. Every month thousands of people travel to Koh Phangan just to take part in this event. Black lights, beach activities, neon color body paintings, world-class DJs, and staying up until the sunrise with other likeminded people are just some of the highlights the event has to offer.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

Use our website to plan your trip to Thailand and the Full Moon Party. Start by checking the next Full Moon Party dates and our recommendations for accommodation. Don’t forget to plan transportation to Koh Phangan before leaving on your trip. We also have several guides to help you to have the best possible Full Moon Party experience. Read tips on what to wear, things to do, and more.

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