Themes Announced for Groove Cruise Miami 2017

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With over 2 months left to plan, now’s a good time to take a look at the Groove Cruise Miami 2017 themes. There are 8 theme parties scheduled over the course of 4 days.

I’m always blown away by how creative the GCFAM gets with their outfits and costumes, and every year it gets taken up a notch.

There is a very high participation rate aboard Groove Cruise Miami when it comes to the theme parties, and it’s one of the unique aspects of the event that makes Groove Cruise what it is.

While creative costumes are common in the festival scene, having dedicated themes creates an awesome unified vibe that’s hard to explain.

You can just bring some relevant accessories or you can go all out for these theme parties. Take a look at the themes, make your Pinterest boards, and start planning now.

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Groove Cruise Miami 2017 Themes

Here’s the full theme party schedule for GCMIA 2017.

Monday (Day) – Identity

This is the definitive boarding day theme. Represent your city, your hometown, your heritage, your university – whatever it is that tells people where you came from and who you are. This is a great chance to see how diverse the crowd is. People come from all over the world to party together on this ship.

One way people do this is by getting a 5×3 flag from their home country or heritage. These are the ones you see being held up at festivals around the world.

Monday (Night) – Greek Mythology: The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a famous Greek mythology literary piece by Homer. You may have read it in school. If not, Wikipedia can get you up to speed ( Alternatively, costumes and outfits for this theme party can simply be based on Greek gods and goddesses

Ideas: Run a Google image search for “Greek gods and goddesses costumes”. Or, pretend you’re going to a toga party. Amazon has lots of Greek costumes for inspiration.

Tuesday (Day) – Neon

Will it react to a UV light? Wear it. You may even have some neon wear around from other festival adventures. If not, rave gear typically comes in all shades of neon, so it won’t be hard to find.

Ideas: A quick search for “neon rave gear” will get you going. The pack of neon shades below includes enough for your whole crew.

Tuesday (Night) – Old School Raver

If you’ve been in the scene for a while, you already know what to do. For others, like myself, we’ll need the help of the internet’s memory to get us up to speed.

Ideas: Google search “90s rave attire” or “90s rave clothes”.

Wednesday (Day) – Flower Power

Flowers and daisies have become a staple of festival wear inside and outside of the electronic segment. From EDC to Coachella and beyond, flowers can be found on all sorts of festival attire. Common festival gear with flowers include headbands and tops. You can put flowers on basically anything. Local DIY stores will have flowers of all different varieties so you can put together any color scheme you want.

Ideas: Run a search for “flower rave costume” and let the inspiration begin.

Behold, all the flower headbands you could desire.

Wednesday (Night) – Hippies vs. Hipsters

These are pretty self-explanatory, but if you need some more info on what these two groups consist of, read and One is like the ravers of the 60s and 70s. The other consists of those trying so hard not to be mainstream that enough people jumped on board to make the lifestyle mainstream.

Amazon – Hippie Clothes

Thursday (Day) – Brides & Chippendales

Going to be a bride? You can wear a wedding dress, but that may be cumbersome. Try a lighter, white outfit with a lacy style and tie the whole costume together with bridal accessories like a vail or bouquet. I’m sure you guys will probably be better than me at coming with ideas for this one.

Amazon – Bride Costumes

Going to be a Chippendale? Black shoes, black pants, bow tie – done. Can’t buy abs, so you’re on your own for that part. You have 2.5 months…go!

Thursday (Night) – Carnaval vs Mardi Gras

I was literally in the Halloween store the other day looking as masquerade style items and thought how cool those would be for a Groove Cruise theme. Not 24 hours later, I saw the Groove Cruise Miami themes, and Carnaval vs. Mardi Gras made the cut. From raging in Rio to New Orleans’s signature nightlife, this theme will merge the best of both worlds into a colorful, feathery finale.

Did you know they make masquerade sets for couples? This set comes in 14 styles.

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Which Groove Cruise Miami 2017 themes are you most excited for?

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