Themes Announced for Groove Cruise Miami 2015


Just planning for Groove Cruise is a unique and fun experience. Costumes are part of the festival scene and GC is no different. Themes have been established for each day and night of the cruise and we enjoy the opportunity to dress silly with thousands of our friends. Groove Cruise’s take on it – “The Weirder You Groove…The More We Approve!”

The official themes for GCMIA 2015 have been released and you can find the details below.

Wednesday Day – Represent
This has become a staple boarding theme for Groove Cruise events. “Represent” allows you to show your price for your hood, city, heritage, school, whatever. Let everyone know where you’re from and what you’re about!

Wednesday Night – Shine The F**K Up
This theme originally made an appearance almost 3 years ago on Groove Cruise Miami and has been demanded ever since. Back again, “Shine the F**k up” returns for Groove Cruise attendees to break out anything that’s shiny – diamonds, glitter, mirrors, and more!

Thursday Night – Around The World
Thursday night’s “Around the World” theme lets you show how cultured (or uncultured!) you are as you dress up in costumes that represent ethnicities across the globe.

Friday Night – Acceptable in the 80’s
The music is loud, but the costumes on this night will be louder as there’s no party like an 80’s party. This costume theme thrives on excess so dress as colorful and loud as possible!

Saturday Day – Pump It Up Beach Party
Inflatables are quite the accessory on Groove Cruise, but this day is going to take it up a few levels. Bring your inflatable animals, floaties, beach balls, and more!

Saturday Night – Whet Circus
This unique theme night is sure to spark some creativity. In this rave meets cruise meets circus theme, you are encouraged to create an atmosphere like no other by dressing up in cirque-inspired attire!

The cruise themes are a key part of the experience on Groove Cruise, and I encourage everyone to participate in some way whether you have a full-on costume planned or a simple prop that’s relevant to the theme of the day/night. You’ll enjoy yourself much more knowing that you’re contributing to the craziness that is Groove Cruise.

You can absolutely count on a high number of people participating in dressing up for the themes. It’s crazier than Halloween!

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