Themes Announced for Groove Cruise LA 2017

groove cruise la 2017 themes

Whether you’ve booked your spot aboard the Carnival Inspiration or you’re about to scoop up one of the remaining GCLA 2017 cabins, now is the time to start planning your outfits for the Groove Cruise LA 2017 themes. There are a total of 7 theme parties slated to take place over the weekend.

The theme parties are a unique aspect of Groove Cruise that really contributes to the GCFAM vibe. Ranging from simple props to full blown costumes with creative makeup and accessories, the theme parties create an ambiance unlike any other event I’ve been to.

You’ll see lots of costumes at typical festivals, but having established themes for each day and night aboard Groove Cruise creates a vibe that has to be experienced to be believed.

The participation rate is high, but don’t feel pressured. You can go all out or just grab a prop. Sometimes, I just buy a relevant t-shirt or head accessory. Other times, I’ve been decked out head to toe in costume attire. Do what works for you! Check out the themes below, set up your Pinterest boards or browse through Google Images, and start planning for your costumes for GCLA 2017.

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Here we go!

Groove Cruise LA 2017 Themes

Below is the full schedule of theme parties for GCLA 2017.

Thursday (Night) – Roaring Twenties

This one is for the official pre-party. Held aboard the Queen Mary the night before the GCFAM hits the high seas, the official pre-party is getting it’s own special theme this year. One look at the Queen Mary, and it’s easy to see how the Roaring 20s theme fits perfectly.

What should you wear? Ladies, picture flapper dresses. Guys, envision being a gangster during this period. Basically, attire from the “Great Gatsby era” will work.

Friday (Day) – Identity

This is the quintessential boarding day party. Identity encourages the GCFAM to rep where they’re from. Whether it’s your country, state, school, or heritage, let everyone know who you represent.

An easy identifier that you can use at other festivals is a simple 3×5 polyester country flag. These are the flags you see in all the festival streams and aftermovies.

Identity is a great theme to get to know your shipmates and see just how diverse the crowd is.

Friday (Night) – Pimps and Hoes

Getting right into it on the first night, the theme is Pimps and Hoes.

Pimp cups, pimp canes, robes, and more is what you can expect during this sure-to-be-popular theme party.

Saturday (Day) – I Love Uniforms

Tipped off by the sailor hat in the flyer, Saturday’s day theme is sure to feature lots of nautical wear.

However, the theme leaves room to wear your favorite uniform costume to the party. Cops, firefighters, astronauts(?), military, or whatever else you can think of will be a hit.

Saturday (Night) – EDM vs. Hip Hop

EDM vs. Hip Hop – pick your side. With EDM, you can show up in your favorite rave wear. With Hip Hop, you can show up looking like you stepped out of your favorite music video.

You can’t really go wrong, and I expect this to be a crowd favorite amongst the Groove Cruise LA 2017 themes.

Sunday (Day) – Groove Cruise Derby

Clearly inspired by the Kentucky Derby (the popular annual horse race), this theme gives you the shot to dress like a jockey…or a horse. Or a jockey riding a horse. I think you get the picture.

Horse heads are a popular head prop and the inflatable horse costumes always get a laugh.

Maybe if enough people wear wear the inflatable horse costumes, an impromptu derby can be held aboard the ship!

Sunday (Night) – A.B.C Anything But Clothes

I trust that you can come up with an outfit idea for this one.

Just a quick note, though – Groove Cruise is not implying nudity aboard the ship. They are simply encouraging you to get creative with your outfit. Modern rave wear trends (in the US) should point you in the right direction!

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Which Groove Cruise LA 2017 themes are you looking forward to the most?

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