Themes Announced for Groove Cruise LA 2014

Planning for Groove Cruise is exciting in itself. Like planning for any festival, many put a lot of time and effort into their outfits. The Groove Cruise organizers understand the popularity of outlandish costumes for music events and have established themes for their sailings. As Groove Cruise puts it, “The Weirder You Groove…The More We Approve!”

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The official themes for GCLA 2014 have been announced and you can find them below.

Thursday Day – Represent
Represent your state, country, or heritage. From flags to recognized symbols and more, this is the day to share your pride.

Thursday Night – Out of This World
Sci-fi & Space inspired outfits are the theme of this evening. Expect space suits, aliens, sci-fi movie characters, and more.

Friday Day – Catalina Luau
This day will feature Groove Cruisers’ take on Hawaiian costumes.

Friday Night – Whet Dreams White Party
You can wear whatever color you want, as long as it’s white.

Friday Afterhours – Pajama Jam
Party in your pajamas!

Saturday Night – Cartoons Gone Wild
Imagine inviting all of your favorite cartoon character to join you aboard the largest floating music festival. Yeah, it’ll be like that.

Costumes play an integral role in the Groove Cruise experience, and you really should make an effort to participate even in a small way. You don’t have to have the most elaborate costume, but you also don’t want to stand out because you didn’t take the time to find a hat, shirt, or prop. On my first Groove Cruise, I was truly impressed by the number of people participating in the daily/nightly themes. I was glad I came prepared with an outfit for each.

You can fully expect to be surprised by the level of participation and outlandishness of the costumes aboard this cruise. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

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