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Limited VIP Cocktail Party Tickets Available for GCMIA

I can’t get enough of all the big news this year. Groove Cruise Miami had a huge 2016 sailing, and I’m so excited for their 2017 event. In case you haven’t heard – there’s a new destination AND a new ship. Grand Turk is about to learn how hard we go when the GCFAM lands…

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Join My VIP List

The purpose of this post is to convince you to join my VIP List, which is a cool name for my email list. You may ask yourself, “Why should I join your list when I’m already signed up for the official Groove Cruise mailing list?”. Well, let me tell you: The one reason you need…

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Is There VIP on Groove Cruise?

Short Answer: Not in the traditional festival sense, but there is a VIP Cocktail Party that is usually offered and a recently introduced “Admirals Club” option that offers a day bed and night bed experience. Long Answer: When one thinks about VIP at a traditional party or music festival, a few things come to mind:…

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