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Groove Cruise Newbie Mistake: Not Bringing Costumes

There’s a reason it’s called the GC fam. Everyone onboard just seems to “get it”. We’re all there for the same reasons, and we all just want to have the absolute best time possible. Part of the overall Groove Cruise experience is all the different themes that are assigned through the festival. Participation is not…

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Themes Announced for Groove Cruise Miami 2015

Just planning for Groove Cruise is a unique and fun experience. Costumes are part of the festival scene and GC is no different. Themes have been established for each day and night of the cruise and we enjoy the opportunity to dress silly with thousands of our friends. Groove Cruise’s take on it – “The…

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Themes Announced for Groove Cruise LA 2014

Planning for Groove Cruise is exciting in itself. Like planning for any festival, many put a lot of time and effort into their outfits. The Groove Cruise organizers understand the popularity of outlandish costumes for music events and have established themes for their sailings. As Groove Cruise puts it, “The Weirder You Groove…The More We…

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