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Groove Cruise Radio Throwback: Episode 67 with Anthony Attalla

I honestly can’t think of Groove Cruise afterhours parties without thinking about Anthony Attalla. With his Incorrect label becoming synonymous with the late night to sunrise sets aboard Groove Cruises off the east and west coasts, Anthony Attalla has had a huge influence on the Groove Cruise experience. Once again, digging through older Groove Cruise…

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Groove Cruise Radio Throwback: Episode 66 with EC TWINS

I’m back it again. I’m going through the archives of Groove Cruise Radio, and today I’m bringing you Episode 66 featuring the EC TWINS. Not only have they rocked stage aboard Groove Cruise, they’re also responsible for the 2013 Groove Cruise anthem. Titled, “EC TWINS & Kalendr ft. KoKo Laroo (2013 Groove Cruise Anthem) Set…

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Groove Cruise Radio Throwback: Episode 63 with Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand is no stranger to Groove Cruise. This Netherlands-born artist has been on the DJ Magazine Top 100 list for 9 years in a row (to my knowledge). With huge hits released on Spinnin’ Records, Ultra Records, and more, Fedde Le Grand is a big player in the electronic music scene. Today, I’m…

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The Official Groove Cruise Radio Podcast

Did you know Groove Cruise has a regular podcast? Hosted by Kalendar & Ryan Fitz, you can check out exclusive releases, mixes, and sets from DJs and artists from Groove Cruise events. Personally, I follow Groove Cruise on SoundCloud to stay up to date. Here’s the direct link: It’s also available on iTunes if…

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