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What do I Pack for Groove Cruise?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed (by excitement, of course) when planning your Groove Cruise experience. One question that crosses everyone’s mind is, “What do I pack?”. Unless you have fairly elaborate costumes, I’m confident the majority of guests can get by with a large backpack or duffle bag. The necessities include: Swimwear/Beachwear Flip Flops Costumes…

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Groove Cruise Miami Pictures 88 1024x576

Groove Cruise Newbie Mistake: Packing Too Much

I admit it – I packed too much on my first Groove Cruise. It was silly of me, and I won’t do it again. Who likes lugging around heavy baggage on and off the ship? Not me. My logic failed me. I thought to myself, “I’ve been on cruises before, and I’ve been to festivals…

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