How to Stay Safe at the Full Moon Party

This post covers the basics of how to stay safe at the Full Moon Party. The Full Moon Party is one of the biggest beach parties in Asia where there are thousands of people left and right, colorful lights, and performers dancing with fire. There is music blasting everywhere and the beach is full of dancers putting on shows, booths selling glow-in-the-dark paint, and small shops and stands where you can get delicious Thai food.

By the end of the night, you will have made new friends, see people sleeping on the beach (not recommended, by the way), and flip flops that people lost during the party. If you are planning on attending the next Full Moon Party, here are some tips to stay safe.

The Full Moon Party is high energy and fast paced. There are unlimited ways to have a great time, but there are some ways to wreck your trip, so hopefully these tips will prevent that from happening.

How to Stay Safe at the Full Moon Party

Illegal substances may make their way into this party, so avoid them at all costs and avoid getting caught by undercover police. They tend to wander through the crowds to keep everyone safe.

Even though the water at the beach might look appealing to dip into, it is highly suggested not to. People may have urinated in the water, and broken bottles might have sunk to the bottom. You could end up being cut if you step on them.

When it comes to entertainment like the waterslides and fire jump ropes, enjoy with caution. Fire rope jumping isn’t something you get to do anywhere, so if you’re going to participate, make sure you have the physical ability and mental focus to avoid getting burned or severely injured.

Also, remember to keep your shoes or flips flops on. Even though it might seem like fun to go barefoot, as the night goes on bottles are broken and other sharp objects are littered throughout the beach. Do your part and throw your garbage in a trash can. If everyone did that, we wouldn’t have to worry about litter on the beach.

Theft is not very common, but it is a party with lots of people, so there is always a risk. Bring only the necessary items with you, and you can reduce your risk of losing something valuable.

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