Rave on a Cruise Ship on Groove Cruise Miami 2016

Groove Cruise Miami 2016 Official Pictures (17)

You may hear what I’m saying, but until you’ve been, you won’t truly understand what it’s like to be on a FULLY CHARTERED cruise ship that gets completely transformed into a floating festival.

The equation is simple:

2200+ members of the GCFAM + 4 days of non-stop music + private beach party + a massive cruise ship = 1 unforgettable experience

There is no experience like it in the world. That’s why even the Travel Channel voted Groove Cruise #1.

Here’s some brief details on GCMIA 2016:

Naturally, as the event approaches, cabin options continue to decrease, so get the best price and selection by booking now.

Visit the GCMIA event page for more info and to book your cabin!