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Prices for Groove Cruise Miami 2019 – Starting at $514/person!

With festival season upon us, the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 prices have been released. Prices start at only $514/person (assuming you use my discount code). Check out the full price grid along with other discount and payment plan details below.

The public sale begins on March 15, 2018, at 2pm ET/11am PT. Availability will decrease and pricing will increase as the festival approaches. Be sure to reference the booking engine for the absolute latest pricing and cabin availability.

Price grid graphic as of 3/4/2018.

groove cruise miami 2019 prices

Groove Cruise Miami 2019 Prices

The prices below are based on the initial public sale. Once you’re in the booking engine, you’ll see up-to-date pricing and availability. Remember, cabin types sell out and prices increase as the event approaches. The official Groove Cruise site can also point you towards the most accurate availability, pricing, and terms.

Note: Red denotes the price per person with my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?).

Cabin TypeDeckDouble
Squad in a Quad
Interior - 12Deck 2$799 $749$699 $649  
Interior - 11Deck 2$829 $779$729 $679$679 $629$564 $514
Interior - 10Deck 3$859 $819$759 $709$709 $669$579 $529
Interior - 9Decks 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11$889 $839$789 $739$739 $689$594 $544
Ocean View - 8Deck 2$1,009 $969$909 $869$859 $809$654 $604
Ocean View - 7Deck 2$1,039 $989$939 $889$889 $839$669 $619
Ocean View - 6Deck 3$1,069 $1,019$969 $919$919 $869 
Ocean View - 5Deck 6$1,099 $1,049$999 $949$949 $899$699 $649
Ocean View - 4Decks 7, 8, and 9$1,129 $1,079$1,029 $979$979 $929$714 $664
Veranda 2CDecks 6 and 7$1,519 $1,469$1,419 $1,369$1,369 $1,319 
Veranda 2BDecks 6, 8, and 9$1,559 $1,519$1,459 $1,419$1,409 $1,369 
Veranda 2ADeck 7$1,599 $1,549$1,499 $1,449$1,449 $1,399 
Family Veranda FVDecks 7, 8, and 9$1,639 $1,589$1,539 $1,489$1,489 $1,439 
All cabin types below include the Premium Drink Package plus additional amenities to be announced soon!
Celebrity Concierge Class C3Decks 7, 8, and 9$2,139 $2,089$2,039 $1,889  
Celebrity Concierge Class C2Deck 8$2,189 $2,139$2,089 $2,039  
Celebrity Concierge Class C1Decks 6, 7, 8, and 9$2,239 $2,189$2,139 $2,089  
Aqua Class A2Deck 9$2,489 $2,439   
Aqua Class A1Deck 11$2,539 $2,489   
Sky Suite S2Decks 6, 8, and 9$4,699 $4,649$4,599 $4,549  
Sky Suite S1Decks 6, 8, and 9$4,699 $4,649$4,599 $4,549  
Celebrity Suite CSDecks 6, 7, 8, and 9$15,999 up to 3 people
Royal Suite RSDeck 6$22,999 up to 4 people, 5th guest is additional $2,500
Penthouse Suite PSDeck 6$24,999 up to 4 people

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Remember, these prices include stateroom accommodations, meals, and most beverages (alcohol and soda are not included).


You can use my discount code always. On top of that, you can stack the other available discounts for lots of savings. Full details on these can be found here.

  • $50 Off/Person Discount Code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?)
  • 5% Off Entire Cabin Pay In Full Discount (valid until midnight on 3/21/2018)
  • $44 Off/Person Female Foursome Discount
  • Squad in a Quad Promotion
  • 5% Off US Military Discount

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available and will start from just $71/month not including taxes/fees. Of course, this depends on when you sign up and the cabin type you purchase. To select a payment plan, just start making a reservation like normal, and select the “Payment Plan” option during checkout. Your options along with the full terms and conditions will be displayed.

This is a great way to secure your spot on the ship while giving you the option to pay over time. There are no extra fees for using a payment plan, you can still use my discount code, and you can still stack other discounts except for the Pay-in-Full promo. Also, you beat the price increases by locking in your price now and paying over time.

Book now

When you book early, you:

  • Get a larger selection of cabins
  • Get lower prices because they go up over time
  • Get access to more flexible payment plans

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Pricing Notes

Be sure to read through these and all the terms and conditions in the booking engine.

  • Don’t forget, the grid on this page is not real time, so use the booking engine to see the latest availability and prices. These prices and availability can change at any time without notice.
  • Prices above do not include taxes and fees of $250/person.
  • All of these prices are per person based on occupancy - Double is 2 people, Triple is 3 people, and Quad is 4 people.
  • The prices are based on “double occupancy”. That means that if you want to book a stateroom for just yourself (i.e. “single occupancy”), then that’s possible, but you’ll have to pay 200% of the double occupancy price.

Celebrity Cruise Lines Mandatory Service Fees

Like any cruise, the cruise line charges a non-refundable and mandatory service or gratuity fee to all passengers. It’s a small per day amount that goes to the staff that makes up your cabin, keeps the dining areas clean, etc.

This fee is not included in the prices above and will not be added to your total during checkout. Instead, this is added to your “onboard account” when you board the ship.

Current service fees/gratuities are:

  • $58.00 per person ($14.50 per person per day) for standard staterooms
  • $60.00 per person ($15.00 per person per day) for Aqua & Concierge Class staterooms
  • $72.00 per person ($18.00 per person per day) for Suites

These are subject to change without notice at Celebrity Cruise Lines’ discretion.