Plan your Something Wicked 2017 costumes now

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If rave culture in the US isn’t already synonymous with wearing whatever you want, then a festival over Halloween weekend should definitely prompt you to start thinking that way. Take a two day electronic music festival, schedule it the weekend before Halloween, and give it a theme like “The Asylum”, and attendees are sure to have been planning their Something Wicked 2017 costumes from the time the event was announced.

With just over a couple of weeks left until the first beats get blasted out of the speakers at this year’s Something Wicked festival in Houston, now is the time to put the finishing touches on your outfits.

Tickets to Something Wicked 2017 are still available. Single day passes are now available, as well. Save an easy $5 per ticket with promo code WICKEDRAVE. Copy/paste or type it in when checking out or click the button below to be taken to the ticket purchase site with discount already applied. Here’s a step-by-step if you want more info.

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Get your outfits and accessories fast

Time is ticking to get your Something Wicked 2017 costumes together. There may be some Halloween stores around you, but don’t want until the last minute or you might find that they are out of what you need or simply don’t carry what you’re looking for.

That’s where Amazon comes in. I’m not going to spend a lot time on this, but if you’re a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping on a ton of stuff. This is how I typically guarantee I’m going to get something in on time. Here’s a link for a free trial. If you have a student email address, then check out this free trial of Prime Student. That’s what I have and I suggest this over the regular Prime account (if you can) because it’s cheaper once the renewal comes.

Ideas for Something Wicked 2017 costumes

The theme for this year’s festival is “The Asylum”. You don’t have to dress up according to the theme. You don’t have to dress up at all, actually. Anyways, if you want to go with the theme, think about being a crazy patient or a staff member like an evil nurse or doctor.

Of course, you could just pick some Halloween themes of your own. That’s what me and my girlfriend did. We have a Purge: Anarchy theme going for one day and a crazy clown theme going for the other day.

I plan on recycling my clown costume for the Whet Circus theme on Groove Cruise Miami 2018.

Don’t forget about comfort

We all have slightly different priorities when we go to festivals. Don’t feel pressured to buy a costume or accessories just because it’s a Halloween-themed event.

Also, don’t feel that if you’re going to dress up that you have go all out.

One of my biggest tips for any festival is to put comfort first. Think about it. You’ll be in the sun during the day, and weather can be unpredictable. You also don’t want to spend the whole time worrying about if you’re costume makeup still looks good or not dancing the way you want because your outfit limits your mobility.

Make note of what you can and can’t bring

There are two lists on the official site outlining what you can and can’t bring to the festival. While you should keep this in mind for any event, you definitely want to take this into consideration when you’re putting your Something Wicked 2017 costumes together so you don’t end up having to throw out any props at the gate. (scroll down to the “Item Policy”)

Buy your tickets, Get $5 off

Here’s what you need to know about Something Wicked 2017 tickets:

  • Prices just went up. I’m not sure if they’re going up again before the event, but it’s a possibility.
  • Save $5/ticket instantly using the promo code WICKEDRAVE (tutorial).
  • This promo code is valid on both two-day and the recently released single day tickets.

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1-Click $5 Off Promo Code: FREAKYRAVE

Want to type it in manually? Visit, click the Buy Tickets link, click "Have an ambassador code?", then enter FREAKYRAVE (all caps).

Get to know your Something Wicked 2017 artists

Below is just a sample. View the whole lineup here.