Payment Plans for Groove Cruise Miami 2017 – Starting at $108/month!

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In just a couple of days, Groove Cruise Miami 2017 cabins will become available for public booking. If you weren’t part of the BFM or pre-sale, then mark your calendar, make a sticky note, or tell Siri to remind you that cabin booking for GCMIA 2017 begins on Wednesday, April 27, at 2PM ET.

This season, Groove Cruise Miami will be headed to the beautiful island of Grand Turk. If you’re sure you want to go (who doesn’t want to go?), and you want to secure your cabin but need some time to pay for it, Groove Cruise has you covered.

Payment plans are available for GCMIA 2017 and begin at just $75 $108/month. Of course, that amount will vary depending on your cabin type, number of people in your cabin, and when exactly you book (hint: the earlier, the less per month).

Update 4/27/2016: The terms on some GCMIA 2017 payment plans have changed. Please refer to the actual reservation system payment plan terms for accurate payment plan amount, number of payments, final due date, etc.

Once you’re able to access the booking engine, simply select the number of people in your cabin and your cabin type. As you progress through the booking process, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to choose how you’d like to pay. Here is where you’ll be able to review the payment plan options available to you and the terms of said payment plan(s).

If you want to take advantage of a Groove Cruise Miami 2017 payment plan, be sure to book your cabin as soon as possible that way you can secure the lowest price plus the lowest cost payment plan for your cabin selection.

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Naturally, I’m going to suggest that you also use my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?), when booking your cabin (whether you pay in full or choose a payment plan) since it’ll save you an instant $50/person. It will also automatically enter you into my Beats headphones giveaway.

I’ve also put together a cabin booking tutorial for you if want to see how to book a Groove Cruise cabin (because it’s a bit different than typical festival ticket purchases).

Payment Plan Prices

groove cruise miami 2017 prices

Note: Groove Cruise Miami 2017 payment plan prices are per person. The payment plan amounts update automatically over time. Please refer to the terms with the actual reservation system for your actual payment amount, number of payment, final due date, etc.

Interior Upper/Lower
Payment plans from $100/month

Interior (Decks 1 & 2)
Payment plans from $75/month

Interior (Decks 6-10)
Payment plans from $83/month

Interior w/ Window
Payment plans from $92/month

Payment plans from $108/month

Oceanview (Decks 1 & 2)
Payment plans from $108/month

Balcony (Decks 6 & 7)
Payment plans from $125/month

Balcony (Decks 7, 8 & 9)
Payment plans from $142/month

Balcony (Decks 9 & 10)
Payment plans from $150/month

Extended Balcony
Payment plans from $158/month

Aft Balcony Premium
Payment plans from $192/month

Junior Suite
Payment plans from $208/month

Ocean Suite
Payment plans from $225/month

Grand Suite
Payment plans from $292/month

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Check out my Groove Cruise Miami 2017 event page for complete details on this year’s Grand Turk experience.

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