Payment Plans for Groove Cruise LA 2017 – Starting at $86/month!

Cabins aboard Groove Cruise LA 2017 were 50% sold out just 6 days after the public on-sale began. After an epic 2016 sailing, there is a ton of hype for this year’s west coast edition of this floating festival.

If you haven’t booked your cabin, now is the time to do it. Prices only go up as the event approaches, and the cabin selection dwindles as more and more people book.

Prices for GCLA 2017 start at just $579/person using my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?). You can check out the whole price grid here and all of the available discounts here.

Groove Cruise LA 2017 Payment Plans

Committing to a festival several months in advance takes some financial planning. Fortunately, there are Groove Cruise LA 2017 payment plans for those who’d like to secure their cabin now and pay for it over time. No problem. At the time of this post, you can lock in your cabin and choose a payment plan starting from just $86/month.

In addition to paying in full at the time of booking, you can select the Monthly Payment Plan or the 50/50 payment plan. When you book your cabin will determine how much you have to put down and how much your payments will be.

The exact details and terms are outlined on the official site and in the reservation system. Below, you can find a summary from what I’ve gathered on the available payment plan options.

Monthly Payment Plan Details

You can get in on the monthly payment with a deposit of just $200/person for interior and oceanview cabins. If you want a cabin to yourself, the deposit is $400. Looking to book a suite? The deposit is $500/person. Want a whole suite to yourself? That requires a $1000 deposit.

After that, whatever balance you have left is split over the months remaining in the plan. The first payment begins the first of the month after you made your reservation, and the final balance must be paid by July 1, 2017.

It’s easy. You register a credit card in the reservation system, and it charges your card on the due date every month.

50/50 Payment Plan Details

For this plan, the deposit requirements are the same as the Monthly Payment Plan. Then, half (50%) of the balance left on your cabin is due April 26, 2017, and the other half (50%) is due by June 28, 2017.

Just like the Monthly Payment Payment, you register a credit card, and it’s charged on the due dates.

Late Cabin Bookings

If you’re reading this late or you want to wait (for whatever reason) to book your cabin, just know that if there are any cabins remaining within 30 days of sailing (September 9, 2017), reservations must be paid in full.

Other Info

Making sure that your credit card has a sufficient credit line and that it doesn’t expire during the duration of these payment plans is on you. There’s a late fee if your card gets declined, and if you don’t pay the full balance by the final due dates, they’re going to cancel your reservation. I don’t want to see that happen to you, so keep this in mind. If you need to use a card that doesn’t belong to anyone who’s sailing your cabin, you can do that. There’s form on the official site that you can download and submit.

Payment Plan Support

If you have questions, the Groove Cruise Captain Support team is there for you. If you need to change your plan, call 877-438-9438 or email

If you need to update your credit card after you’ve started a payment plan, call 877-438-9438 or you can login to your Whet Travel account and update it.

Again, this is a summary of the info available on the official site and the reservation system. Please refer to the terms and details outlined there for the most accurate and up to date details.

Book Groove Cruise LA 2017 Now

There’s really no reason to wait to book unless you like paying more and having a smaller selection of cabins. Either way, don’t forget to save $50/person using my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?), and check out all the other discounts for GCLA 2017 here.

Check out the event details, and book your cabin now.