Payment Plans Available for Groove Cruise LA 2014

If you’re able to pay for your entire cabin up front, then you can take advantage of a nice 5% Paid-in-Full discount on top of my $50 off per person coupon code.

However, if you need some time to pay for this experience, that’s cool too. The Groove Cruise organizers have convenient payment plans available for you starting at just $77/person. Full full pricing check out my GCLA 2014 prices post. For Groove Cruise LA 2014, there are two payment plans available based on booking date. The date when you book your cabin determines the total deposit required when booking and the subsequent payment due dates.

When you are booking your cabin, there will be a payment page that allows you to choose whether to pay in full or select a payment plan. Below is a breakdown of the payment plans.

Monthly Payments

There is a $200 PER PERSON deposit required up front ($500 for suites), and then you can pay the balance due in equal monthly payments on the first day each month until the entire balance is paid in full. The final payment for this plan is due by July 1, 2014.

Pay Deposit, 50% of Balance due, then Full Payment (50/50 Plan)

Again, with this plan, there is a $200 PER PERSON ($500 for suites) deposit required at time of cabin booking. After that, you can pay 50% of the remainder by May 7 2014. Then finally, you pay the remaining balance on July 1, 2014.

Notes About Payment Plans

These plans required that automatic charges be placed on a valid credit card on file. You can manage your payment plan or stored credit card at or calling Whet Travel at 877-GETWHET (877-438-9438) or emailing before your payment is due.

Late Payments & Declined Credit Card Fees

Don’t be late with your payments! If you’re on the monthly payment plan, you’ll get dinged with a late fee of $10 per person. For the 50/50 plan, you’ll get hit with a $50 per person late fee. This can happen if your credit card is declined when automatically charged and you don’t make the required payment by the due date noted on your invoice. This part is important! If you don’t pay your reservation in full 2 weeks after the final payment date, your reservation will get cancelled WITHOUT REFUND.

Moral of the story? Try to book your cabin and pay up front to take advantage of the most savings. If you can do that, make your payments on time, every time and your enjoy your ship aboard the ship!


The information on this page is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Of course, you should always check the official Groove Cruise website for the latest information.

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