Official Stage Hosts for GCLA 2017

This year, GCLA features no less than 8 curated stages hosted by some of the biggest names in mainstream and underground dance music. Each stage features a hand-picked selection of artists who are sure to create some unforgettable vibes. Keep reading for details and lineups for each of the official stage hosts for GCLA 2017

Official Stage Hosts for GCLA 2017

  • Anjunabeats
  • This Ain’t Bristol
  • Desert Hearts
  • Incorrect
  • Space Yacht
  • Techno Taco Tuesday
  • Cats & Boots
  • Basement Leak
  • Random Nights presents Silent Disco


Stage Lineup:

  • Alpha 9
  • Andrew Bayer
  • Grum
  • Jason Ross
  • Leiel

This Ain’t Bristol

Stage Lineup:

  • Billy Kenny
  • Maximono
  • Bot
  • Josh Brown
  • Dateless

Desert Hearts

Stage Lineup:

  • Lee Reynolds
  • Marbs
  • Rybo


Stage Lineup:

  • Anthony Attalla
  • CJ Jeff
  • Cocodrills
  • Doc Martin
  • Jody Wisternoff
  • Pirupa
  • Secondcity
  • Supernova

This is a special 33 hour marathon event!

Space Yacht

This lineup is actually still TBA.

Techno Taco Tuesday

Stage Lineup:

  • Pirupa
  • Bad Beat
  • Oscar Molina
  • Lance Le Rok

Cats & Boots

Stage Lineup:

  • Ruff Hauser
  • Roy Wilkins
  • Brandon Elliot
  • Moni
  • Neon Black

Basement Leak

Stage Lineup:

  • Shiba San
  • Billy Kenny
  • Doc Martin
  • Tim Baresko
  • Dateless

Silent Disco

Random Nights is presenting a special Silent Disco event.

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