My Official Groove Cruise Miami 2015 Booking Guide

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Details for Groove Cruise Miami 2015 are still being released, but that hasn’t stopped the demand for the event from being ever increasing. It’s never too early to start preparing for Groove Cruise and below, I have provided all the info you need to make sure you snag a cabin aboard GCXi. This will be Groove Cruise’s 11th year disembarking out of Miami, and after the epic Groove Cruise Miami 2014 sailing, this is definitely an event you do not want to miss.

Pre-Sale Deposits

Beginning March 5, 2014 at 12pm Noon ET, pre-sales will open to the public and you’ll be able to place your refundable $200 pre-sale deposit. When pre-sales open up, you’ll be able to visit (choose Miami as your location) and access their reservation system to place your pre-sale deposit. You must complete the payment process in order to secure your spot aboard. There are a limited number of pre-sales available, so don’t wait. Also, please note that cabins are not chosen at this time. Briefly, this pre-sale deposit grants you a spot in line to book a cabin aboard Groove Cruise Miami 2015.

Cabin Booking

If you’ve participated in the pre-sale, you will receive an email providing you with information on cabin selection. If you participated in the Groove Cruise Miami 2015 pre-sale, you will receive an email reminding you that you will be able to book your cabin from April 3-15th. Please refer to the email sent to you for your exact booking date. For those who did not participated in the pre-sale, Groove Cruise Miami 2015 cabin booking opens up to the general public on April 16. Like the pre-sales, do not wait to book your cabin, because the cabin type you want will likely sell out quick.

When you are able to book your cabin, you can click the link provided in the email sent to you (if you participated in the pre-sale), or you can visit, choose Miami as your location, and proceed to choosing your cabin from there. If you participated in the pre-sale, you will see your deposit deducted from the total amount due. Additionally, when you are on the final screen, you have an opportunity to save everyone in your cabin $50 using my discount code found below.

Discount Code

On the final screen of the cabin selection process, this is a “Discount Code” box. If you’ve found any of the information on my website helpful and want to save everyone in your cabin $50 each, use the discount code, GrooveCruiseChris. (How do I use this code?)

That’s It!

Finalize the reservation and congratulate yourself on securing a cabin aboard Groove Cruise Miami 2015 and saving everyone in your cabin $50 by using my discount code. From here, Groove Cruise will email you updates regularly that outlines more details about the event like the lineup, contests, costume themes, and more.

You can sit back and relax knowing you just made the best decision of your life.


Groove Cruise Miami 2015 may feature even more discounts that can be combined with my code. If, and when, they release this information, I’ll be sure to blog about it!