New Year’s Eve Full Moon Party

Full Moon Parties are hosted on the island of Koh Phangan around the year during a full moon, but one of the parties is more special than others. Every year on New Year’s Eve, Koh Phangan hosts a Full Moon Party despite whether it’s actually a full moon. This yearly New Year’s Eve Full Moon Party has become super popular amongst tourists. Starting your year on Koh Phangan is one of those experiences you should add to your travel bucket list.

Why should I visit Koh Phangan during the New Year’s Eve Full Moon Party?

Koh Phangan is well known as a party island, and there are fun events all around the year. The New Year’s Eve party is one of the biggest ones and you are really missing out if you don’t take part at least once with thousands of people having fun on the beaches and and in clubs. Koh Phangan has everything you could wish for in a New Year’s Eve celebration from wild parties to events and fireworks.

Your New Year’s Eve can’t get more colorful than this

People around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve by shooting off colorful fireworks and having fun. At the Full Moon Party, people paint themselves with neon colors and dress in funny beach clothes. Dancing amongst thousands of colorful laughing people feels like you are part of fireworks yourself. In addition to colorful travelers, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Koh Phangan by releasing hundreds of lanterns into the sky. A lot better idea and fitting for Thailand’s culture than fireworks, right?

3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!

Like anywhere in the world, the highlight of the New Year’s Eve Full Moon Party is of course midnight. The moment everyone is counting down to together is magical but afterward, it gets even better because you can finally see true colorful fireworks. Because Koh Phangan is an island and in the middle of the ocean, you can see these colorful lights clearly in the black sky. After enjoying this moment together with everyone, the party really starts. You can dance, eat, paint yourself more, or just enjoy the atmosphere until early morning.

Start a New Year relaxing on the beach

After spending whole night partying or going back early to your accommodation, you can start the year by relaxing on the beach. Every place that was full of people the night before has turned now to quiet paradise with only the last few people still enjoying their holiday on Koh Phangan. Take your sunglasses and bikinis, go to the beach, and enjoy the first sunrise of the year!

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