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More SMF 2018 stages added, Less than 3 weeks left

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In addition to the Sunset (Main), Eclipse, and Horizon stages, more SMF 2018 stages have been added to this year’s festival. On both days, attendees will be able to rave at the recently added Electric Beach and “Cool Down, Get Down” stages.

There are less than three weeks left until the event, so pick up your passes now if you haven’t already.

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SMF 2018 Stages

In my post going over the SMF 2018 set times, I gave you a recap of the stage designs from  last year. If history is any indication, Sunset Events and Disco Donnie Presents are going to come back bigger and better than ever.

On top of increased stage production of the three returning stages, guests will be treated to two more options this year, the Electric Beach stage and the “Cool Down, Get Down” stage. Here’s who’s playing:

Electric Beach Stage

smf 2018 electric beach stage

Day 1:

  • Anna Lunoe
  • Ardalan
  • Golf Clap
  • Dillon Nathaniel
  • Carabetta & Doons
  • Nate Verde

Day 2:

  • Walker & Royce
  • Sacha Robotti
  • YehMe2
  • Codes
  • Weiss
  • D3V
  • Evan Evolution

Cool Down, Get Down Stage

smf 2018 cool down get down stage

Day 1:

  • Heist
  • Heavyset
  • Patrick M
  • Pedro M
  • Suzy Solar
  • Luccio
  • Nate Verde
  • Side Trakd
  • TR33KL1MBR

Day  2:

  • Heist
  • Heavyset
  • Lizzy Jane
  • Pixelsaur
  • Too Kind
  • DJ XTA-C
  • Sloth
  • Holly Woods
  • Phoenix Jagger

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Less than 3 weeks left, Buy your passes now

This is it. With a recent price increase and Cinco De Mayo 4-for-3 promo behind us, now is the time to pick up your ticket if you haven’t already. With a stacked lineup, the recent addition of Rezz and Illenium, and now two more stages added, SMF 2018 is definitely a do-not-miss event in Florida and the Southeast. Have you seen my aftermovie from last year? Just based on my website stats, I know that many of you will be coming from all over Florida and beyond to rage this Memorial Day weekend.

Pick up your passes now if you haven’t already. Use promo code SMFRAVE for access to special tickets (“free express entry” ended on 4/30, but this promo code still gets you access to tickets with new perks), or use the button below if you don’t even want to bother with typing or copying/pasting. Can’t get easier than that.

Buy SMF 2018 Tickets

1-Click Promo Code: SMFRAVE

Want to type it in manually? Visit and enter SMFRAVE (all caps).

Here’s some pics from last year’s event:

And, here’s some artists that will be playing this year: