Looking for Groove Cruise RetailMeNot Coupons?


Everyone likes to save money, and with sites like RetailMeNot, it’s easier than ever to quickly find coupons and promo codes for your favorite stores and events that you can use instantly.

When it comes time to buy your tickets for Groove Cruise, you definitely want to make the purchase as affordable as possible, and luckily, I’ve got you covered.

Groove Cruise RetailMeNot Coupon Code

While Groove Cruise isn’t listed on Retail Me Not anymore, my coupon code is the same one I had listed on that site, so rest assured you’re getting the most savings on your GC adventure.

Coupon Code: GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?)

Details: Instantly save $50/person up to $200/cabin.

Instructions: When it comes time to actually book your Groove Cruise cabin (not purchase a pre-sale, but actually book a cabin), all you have to do is copy/paste or type in my discount code during the cabin booking process, and you’ll see the discount instantly applied to your total. It’s that simple to use my promo code.

I’ve even put together a booking tutorial if you’re new to Groove Cruise cabin booking.

You only have to use my coupon code once per cabin, and the savings are applied for everyone in that cabin. However, if you’re bringing a large crew on your Groove Cruise experience and you’re booking multiple cabins, each cabin booking/reservation will have the opportunity to enter a discount code, so be sure to enter GrooveCruiseChris on each individual booking/reservation for maximum savings.

If you’d rather book over the phone, you can call the Groove Cruise Captain Support team at 877-GET-WHET (438-9438). You can still save $50/person using my discount code, but you’ll just have to tell them over the phone – no problem.

Buy Your Tickets

Check out my Book Now page for the latest booking info on Groove Cruise events.

Full Disclosure/Disclaimer: Using my coupon code saves you $50 per person. Also, the Groove Cruise parent company makes it a bit easier for me to come party with you. We both get savings for costumes, merchandise, gambling at the onboard casino, and more. Win-win! I really hope you’ve found my website useful, and if you’re booking a cabin on Groove Cruise, using my promo code is the easiest and best way to say thanks. Of course, you don’t have to use my discount code, but that means we both have to pay more for our GC experience, and that makes me sad 🙁 See you on the ship!

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