Last Minute Tips for Something Wicked 2016

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With just days left before Something Wicked 2016 takes over Houston, I’ve got some last minute tips to make sure you’re prepared for a Halloween weekend that will make all your friends jealous.

Do You Have Your Tickets?

This sounds silly, but if you don’t have your tickets yet, that comes before everything else. At this point, the prices are highest they’ll go, but you still save $5 on your GA or VIP tickets by using the promo code WICKEDRAVE when checking out.

The button below will take you to the ticket purchase page AND automatically apply the discount. Can’t get easier than that.

Buy Freaky Deaky 2018 Tickets

1-Click $5 Off Promo Code: FREAKYRAVE

Want to type it in manually? Visit, click the Buy Tickets link, click "Have an ambassador code?", then enter FREAKYRAVE (all caps).

Know the Gate Times

With the festival providing 18 hours of some of the best acts in electronic dance music (view the whole lineup here), you’re going to want to make sure you’re there for all the action. Be sure to plan for traffic (see my Uber tip below) so you don’t miss any must see sets.

On the first day, gates open at 2pm, and the festival runs until midnight. On the second day, gates open at 2pm, and the closing sets run until 10pm.

Get Your Free Ride Ready

something wicked uber free ride

Beat the traffic and don’t let the parking situation kill your vibe. Call an Uber to get to and from Something Wicked 2016.

Get your first ride free by downloading the app and using my promo code, chrisp336.

Check out a great article I’ve written on how to get started with Uber if it’s your first time: Beat the Houston Traffic and Uber to Something Wicked 2016

Check the Weather

Go on, ask Siri, or do whatever you do to check the weather. It’s a rain or shine event (assuming the weather isn’t life threatening), so plan and dress accordingly. As long as the music is playing and the bass is bumping, you’re going to have a good time.

Prepare Your Gear

Get your clothes, accessories, electronics, totems, backpacks, and whatever else you’re bringing ready. Make a checklist and go over it before you leave for the festival grounds. You don’t want to forget anything. Empty CamelBaks are allowed, so Amazon Prime one to your house if you don’t have one already. Yes, I just used Amazon Prime as a verb.

It’s an easy way to stay hydrated and spend less time in the water refill line.

Charge your GoPro and Portable Batteries

Don’t let your electronics die on you while you’re trying to capture memories or meet up with lost members of your crew. Be sure to charge any extra GoPro batteries you’re bringing, as well as your portable battery if you’re bringing one of those.

I highly recommend picking up a 10,000mAh (or greater) portable battery. It’s enough to charge most smartphones around 4 times which means that you’ll never have to worry about have a dead phone at a festival. In fact, since I’ve carried one, both me and my girlfriend have never had to worry about our phones dying. And I probably take a lot more video (which really eats battery) than most people.

Here’s one that has a higher capacity than mine and has about the footprint of a credit card.

Download the Something Wicked App

Get festival updates and keep the set times handy. The Something Wicked 2016 app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Familiarize Yourself with the Guidelines

These are my main tips, but visit the official Something Wicked 2016 website for the full guidelines for the event. Make sure to check out what’s not allowed and what’s accepted as proper ID. I definitely don’t want you getting turned down at the gate.

Official Guidelines:

Long Story Short

Basically, make sure you have your tickets and ID, check the weather, dress accordingly, don’t forget any gear, and keep the app handy so you don’t miss your favorite sets.

Something Wicked 2016 is just days away. Bring the good vibes, and prepare for a Halloween weekend you won’t forget.

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