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Last day for SMF Tampa 2018 payment plan, Easter 4-for-3 ends tomorrow

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With just 48 days until the 2018 edition of Sunset Music Festival blasts the first beats through their speakers, the hype is building as ravers from Florida and beyond get ready for another Memorial Day weekend filled with music and more. Even if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, you can still take advantage of the SMF Tampa 2018 payment plan, but this option ends today.

Have you seen the lineup? The organizers dropped a bomb on everyone late last month with the release of the official SMF 2018 lineup. Featuring headliners Marshmello and Excision and a huge roster of talent across genres, SMF delivers once again.

Buy SMF 2018 Tickets

1-Click Promo Code: SMFRAVE

Want to type it in manually? Visit and enter SMFRAVE (all caps).

SMF Tampa 2018 Payment Plan

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Let’s say that you want in on the festivities, but you haven’t secured your ticket yet. That’s OK. As long as you pick them up today, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a payment plan during check out.

How do you do that? Check out my original payment plan post for details on how to choose a payment plan but also get “free express entry” using promo code SMFRAVE.

Easter 4-Pack Special ends tomorrow

This Easter get-4-tickets-for-the-price-of-3 promo has been a really great deal for anyone who’s rave squad rolls deep enough. If you can get 3 of your festie besties together, you guys can pick up a pack of 4 tickets while only paying the price of 3 tickets.

Choosing this option is easy. Once you’re in the ticket system, you’ll see an Easter 4-Pack option.

Pro-tip: If you use promo code SMFRAVE, you’ll see another even better option. The “Easter 4-Pack | Two Day GA Express Entry” option will become available to you. What does this mean? Same 4-for-3 savings except now, you and your crew get access to the special “express entry” line. Spend more time raving and less time waiting.

Get “Free Express Entry” to SMF Tampa 2018

Fun fact – you can actually lock in “free express entry” even if you’re not taking advantage of the payment plan or Easter specials.

I’ve put together a tutorial here, but you can just apply the promo code SMFRAVE during checkout to unlock access to all the “express entry” ticket types.

It’s easy, doesn’t cost any more, and gets you in the festival faster. Can’t beat that. I imagine that we’ll see at least one more price increase as the festival approaches, so be sure to pick up your tickets now.

Buy SMF 2018 Tickets

1-Click Promo Code: SMFRAVE

Want to type it in manually? Visit and enter SMFRAVE (all caps).

Here’s some pics I took last year:

And here’s some artists that are playing this year (be sure to check out the full 2018 lineup):