Last Chance to Book Your Cabin on Groove Cruise Miami 2015

OK – Let’s say you’ve been procrastinating and you still need to book your Groove Cruise Miami 2015 cabin (shame on you! JK). OR perhaps you just found out this epic party and you want to know how can secure a spot aboard this ship.

Either way, this information is for you. GCMIA 2015 is over 85% SOLD OUT!

All the suites are gone.

The majority of balconies are gone.

Only a handful of cabins are left, but they are yours for the taking if you still need to book!

Here’s a link to the official Groove Cruise website where you can see what’s left:

Here’s a link to the reservation portal to book your cabin:

And here’s my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?), that you can use to save $50/person (up to $200/cabin)!

See you on GCMIA 2015!