I’ve Launched a New Website: FullMoonPartyGuide.com

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If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty passionate about unique and memorable life experiences. I also love encouraging others to seek out those kinds of experiences in their own lives.

GrooveCruiseChris.com has allowed me to introduce thousands of people to the GCFAM and the experiences we have together.

Now, I’m sharing that I’ve recently launched a new project. The new site is FullMoonPartyGuide.com, and I’m looking to turn it into the ultimate resource for one of the world’s most popular beach parties.

I think that if you’re interested in music festivals aboard cruise ships sailing to exotic destinations, you may also be interested in an all-night, multi-venue party on a beach on an island off the coast of Thailand.

About the Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party started off with a small group of backpackers years ago. It has now transformed into the beach party on steroids that it is now.

Every month during the full moon, thousands (like 20,000-40,000) of backpackers, partygoers, and nightlife enthusiasts make the journey to the Thai island of Koh Phangan. Accessible only by boat, just getting to the island is quite the experience.

Once there, Full Moon Party attendees are treated to a beautiful island destination primed for an incredible party that boasts multiple venues, lots of genres of electronic music, cheap Thai food, and an unforgettable sunrise if you can make it that long.

My new site, FullMoonPartyGuide.com, lays out the rest of the details for you.

Final Words

Basically, I think that most of the GCFAM would also enjoy the Full Moon Party, and that’s why I wanted to share my new project.

If you think that a trip to Thailand that includes an unforgettable beach party would be something that you’re interested in, then be sure to check out my new site:


It will be an ongoing work in progress (much like this site), so be sure to check back often for the latest news and event details.

See you on the ship and maybe on the beach in Thailand, too!