Is There Gambling on Groove Cruise?

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Short Answer: The casino aboard the cruise ship operates in the same manner as a regular cruise.

Long Answer: YES! In case you’re not aware, the casino is open to attendees and operates in the same way it does on a traditional cruise.

With that being said, the casino is generally closed until the ship gets so far off shore and shuts down again at a certain point when returning to its US port, but otherwise, feel free to indulge in the slot machines, table games, tournaments, and more.

Tournaments, you ask? Yes, along with regular tournaments that are held in the casino, there has even been special Groove Cruise tournaments that featured guests playing alongside world-class DJs at popular table games.

If gambling’s not in your budget, don’t worry! use my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?), when you book your cabin to save $50/person…then you can use that for the casino!