Is there a Full Moon Party dress code?

Like any event, many are wondering about the Full Moon Party dress code. The short and easy answer to this question is: NO! You can dress any way you’d like and follow your own style because there is no dress code. Even if you can show up wearing whatever you want, there is a few things you should remember. Keep in mind these few things, and create your own Full Moon Party experience.

There is no Full Moon Party dress code, but it’s warm and there are a lot of people

The Full Moon Party is always packed and even at night time Koh Phangan, it will be warm. Because the party happens mostly at beach, many people dress up following that theme. You will see a lot of bikinis, board shorts, swimming suits, and other beach clothes. Since there is no Full Moon Party dress code, you can wear whatever makes your comfortable.

You will get paint everywhere

One of the main activities of the Full Moon Party is using body paint. Because of this, you can’t escape getting paint on your clothes. We recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or even torn. If you don’t accidentally add body paint to your own clothes, it will happen when you are dancing in the crowd with other people using body paint.

Bright colors are a main part of the Full Moon Party

Body paint is an important part of the Full Moon Party, but most people also wear bright, colorful clothes. You can buy small accessories like caps and bracelets from sellers around the area of the Full Moon Party. It’s important to make your outfit perfect by adding fun accessories and painting yourself with neon colors. Be part of the colorful crowd by using t-shirts with fun sayings and colorful mages. You can even buy clothes just for the Full Moon Party, and then color them yourself using body paint. Make your body and outfit one big art piece!

Shoes are maybe the most important part

Lastly, let’s talk about shoes. Even if the Full Moon Party doesn’t have dress code, you should remember that this party happens on a beach. Walking in sand with high heels will be one big nightmare and even using sneakers may mean that you have to empty your shoes often to get the sand out. So, what kind of shoes you should use? Sandals are a popular option for the Full Moon Party. One issue with wearing sandals or flip-flop is how easy it is to lose them. If you lose your shoes, then you’ll be walking around barefoot where you risk stepping on broken glass or other debris. It is not recommended to go barefoot. If you think you’re going to lose your sandals, then wear closed-toe shoes. This will give you the best protection of your feet.

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