How to Use AirBnB for Cheaper Stays than a Hotel

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Just like my Uber post, I hope this article provides you with an alternative option to traditional hotel stays that is both cheaper and a better experience.

AirBnB is a platform that allows “guests” to book accommodation with “hosts”. Hosts can list everything from their couch to their entire place. You can book a shared room (similar to a hostel experience, but in someone’s house) all the way up to private mansions. It all depends on your budget and tastes.

Because of the nature of staying in someone else’s place, AirBnb has a process to verify hosts’ identities and ensure they are providing a good experience through guest reviews.

How to Use AirBnb

  1. After signing up for an account and populating your profile, you can browse for places to stay just like you would on any hotel booking site.
  2. Once you find a place you like, you can either “request to book” (where the host has to accept you) or choose an “instant book” stay (where your stay is confirmed instantly). In both cases, you’re charged before your actual stay. Don’t worry – AirBnB holds the funds until after your stay to prevent any issues.
  3. Your host will contact you with instructions on how to “check-in”.
  4. Show up and enjoy your AirBnB stay.
  5. “Check out”, again, according to your host’s instructions.

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AirBnB’s mobile app (and website) has an internal messaging system which makes it easy to communicate with hosts, especially if you’re outside of your home country (since all you need is internet).

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For your Groove Cruise experience, consider using AirBnB instead of booking a hotel. You can take advantage of the service to book cheaper accommodation and save money…or you and your GC crew can do it VIP style and book mansions like you see on TV to start and/or end your Groove Cruise adventure.

Either way, if you’re new to AirBnB, you can use my signup code, cpalko, to get $20 off your first stay instantly.

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