How to save money at the Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular travelers’ events in Asia and you should definitely add it to your Thailand travel plan. It’s not as expensive as you would think, and there are many ways to save money during your visit to Koh Phangan.

What is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party is a famous tradition on the island of Koh Phangan. It’s a celebration that is held for travelers and tourists who visit the island and Thailand. Hundreds of people take part in these parties when they happen during the full moon. You can enjoy different activities in the party like painting yourself with neon colors, dancing under the black lights, or jumping the fire rope.

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How to save money at the Full Moon Party?

There are many ways you can save money while taking part in the Full Moon Party. The only cost you can’t change is the admission of 100 THB you have to pay to get inside the event. Nothing else is necessary. First, decide to stay in a hostel near the party. It’s not the cheapest accommodation but you will save money when you can walk to the beaches and to the party area. Don’t eat on the Full Moon Party beach but rather find a restaurant in town. Also, try not to drink too much (or at all) because it’s the biggest expense most travelers spend money on.

When you come to Koh Phangan, you can travel by very cheap ferries. However, we don’t recommend this even for those who want to save money. The cheapest ferries are usually fully booked and may not  have life jackets for everyone. Better ways to save extra money is by not buying too much on Koh Phangan. Try to ask around if anyone has body paints they don’t need anymore. This way you don’t have to buy your own paints. However, we do recommend supporting the local economy by eating local and purchasing souvenirs from local shops.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

Check out the next Full Moon Party dates and book your accommodation using our recommendations. We have all the information you will need to plan a perfect holiday for the Full Moon Party. Read more general tips for the party like what to wear or discover what you can do in Koh Phangan before and after the party. In addition, we have some tips on how you can find safe and cheap ferries to Koh Phangan.

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