How Packed is it on Groove Cruise?

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Short Answer: It’s not. The amount of attendees on Groove Cruise is always perfect given the environment!

Long Answer: When you think music festival+cruise ship, thoughts of overcrowding come to mind. I’m about to put you at ease regarding your capacity concerns.

Groove Cruise attendance is dictated by the capacity limit of the ship!

For safety and accommodation reasons, Groove Cruise attendance is limited to the ship’s stated capacity as determined by the size and number of cabins.

This means that there are always enough people to have a good party but never too many people. I’m always able to walk to the front of the stage if I desired. I’ve never had to queue for long periods to get food or drinks. If I want better viewing, I can easily access a higher platform.

It means that Groove Cruise will never be any more packed than that ship would be during a sold out traditional sailing.

Also, if you’re worried about restroom facilities, don’t forget that in addition to the ship’s public restrooms, you have a private bathroom in your cabin!