How much is the Full Moon Party entrance fee?

“How much is the Full Moon Party entrance fee?” This question doesn’t have just one easy answer. We have to go through a few details before you can find the real answer for your particular trip. Basically, entrance to the Full Moon Party is free. It’s a free event meant for everyone. However, there are some costs you have to think about while planning your trip to take part of this amazing party.

How much is the Full Moon Party entrance fee?

We told you that there is no entrance fee to Full Moon Party, but in most cases, you have to pay to get to Haad Rin beach. This beach is the main point of the Full Moon Party and you must go there to enjoy the festivities. The beach entrance fee is about 100 Thai baht. You have to pay this if you are not staying in the accommodations on Haad Rin beach. This feel helps pay for the clean up and preservation of the beach’s sand and water.

Hotel or hostel costs

Those who don’t want to travel to the island just for one evening have to pay for accommodation. During the Full Moon Party, it is a little costlier due to demand. If you book a hotel or hostel on the Full Moon Party beach, you don’t have to pay the entrance to the beach. You can also get cheaper accommodation farther away from the beach, but you’ll have to pay the 100 baht beach entrance fee. This is what most people do, so it is common.

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Transportation costs

Because the Full Moon Party happens on Koh Phangan island, you have to take ferry there. This is the only way to get to this island. This will be one of the most costly things during your trip to Full Moon Party. The price depends on where you are coming from but you can find ferries to Koh Phangan from many different places around Thailand.

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Fortunately, many of the activities at the Full Moon Party are free. You can dance and have fun with other travelers without anyone asking money from you. There is also a fire jump rope, if you’re so inclined and you have a plan to deal with any accidents. Remember to take some money with you so you can buy some body paint, cool clothes or accessories, food, and other cool things.

Other costs

One of the costs you may not think before going is the toilet cost. Like many events and places in Asia, using the toilet at the Full Moon Party costs money. It’s about 10-20 Thai baht. Another thing you should remember is to keep your valuables safe. Don’t take too much money with you, and leave anything you don’t want to lost back at your accommodation. Generally, the Full Moon Parties are safe, but you can never be too careful with valuable items, especially if you are planning partying on beach. Read more advice like this on the tips page.

Now you know the answer to “How much is the Full Moon Party entrance fee?”, but remember there are some other costs to consider when planning your trip. Learn more about the accommodation types and locations here, and be sure to consider how much it will cost to get to the party.

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