How Much are the Mandatory Gratuities?

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Short Answer: $12+ per day* depending on the cruise line. (See below on how to save money on these gratuities.)

*Note: This is accurate as of the time of this post. Make sure you check the official Groove Cruise site and the specific cruise line for the most up to date and accurate information.

Long Answer: The mandatory gratuities charged to passengers of cruise ships might seem like just an extra fee, but they go to all the people who work hard to make your voyage so enjoyable.

While we’re raging hard around the clock, the staff is ensuring that our rooms are clean, the dining areas are well kept, and that our service needs are met. The nominal daily fee is simply their tip for keeping our rooms made up and serving/cleaning up after us in the dining areas.

This tip amount starts at about $12 per person per day, but the exact amount depends on the cruise line. If you want to know the exact amount, you can check the official Groove Cruise terms and conditions on their website or when you’re booking your cabin – or you can check the individual cruise line websites.

How to Save Money on Mandatory Gratuities

No matter what cabin type you book, the cruise line will subject you to mandatory gratuities. There’s no way around it, so factor it into your total budget when planning your Groove Cruise experience.

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So, if you consider that your gratuities can run $36+/person depending on the cruise line and number of days, just using my discount code when booking your cabin can cover most, if not all, of the mandatory gratuities leaving you with more money for all the fun stuff.

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