Houston Hotel Guide for Something Wicked 2016

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I know a lot of you are coming from all over Texas and beyond to attend Something Wicked 2016 this year.

Houston is a big city with lots of hotel options. In this post, I’m going to help you explore different hotel options and find the best deals.

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Festival Site

Sam Houston Race Park
7575 North Sam Houston Pkwy W
Houston, TX 77064
Google Map

Closest Airport: George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Official Something Wicked Hotels

Browsing the Something Wicked 2016 site, I noticed they’ve arranged room blocks at specific hotels for Something Wicked attendees.

I love traveling, but I don’t like spending more money than I have to. After checking out the official hotels, I immediately shopped around and found the same hotels available at lower rates. Check it out.

Comfort Inn Hwy. 290/NW

This was the most affordable option in the official hotel list.

I found it for even cheaper (currently) on Hotels.com. With free wifi, breakfast, and parking, this is a great option for those driving into Houston and need a solid hub for their weekend festivities.

Check prices for Comfort Inn Hwy. 290/NW.

Hilton Houston North

What can I say? It’s a Hilton. You’ll get a clean, business-class room and great service.

But, wifi is an extra $14.95 and breakfast isn’t included so add that to your budget. This is actually one of the more popular hotels to book for Something Wicked 2016, so there is a 25% off promotion currently through the official Something Wicked site.

That deal makes it cheaper than what you can find elsewhere.

If that promotion isn’t running by the time you read this, then check prices for the Hilton Houston North here.

DoubleTree by Hilton Houston Intercontinental Airport

The DoubleTree by the IAH airport is obviously geared towards those flying in to Houston and want a hotel close to the airport. DoubleTree hotels cater towards a business crowd with expense accounts so don’t expect free breakfast or internet. Those will be extra. You do get a chocolate chip cookie at check in. They are really, really good, actually.

This property has a nice pool and hot tub which could be really nice for relaxing when you’re not at the festival.

Check IAH DoubleTree prices.

A good reason to stay at official properties is that you’ll likely run into lots of other ravers attending the festival. You may meet some new friends. While there’s certainly value in that, I suggest shopping around a bit and deciding what would be best for your own preferences and budget.

Other Options

Those were just some savings I found on official hotels. I’ve done some research and found a few other really good options for those travelling to Houston for Something Wicked 2016.

I ran a search for hotels that would meet this reasonable set of criteria:

  • 3 stars or higher
  • Less than $100 per night
  • Guest rating of 4 or higher

Then, I chose hotels that were between the airport and festival site for convenience. Here’s what I found:

The prices may change by the time you book, but at the time of writing this, all of these properties meet my criteria above and, in my opinion, represent a good value for your Something Wicked weekend.

I’ve personally stayed at instances of all of these properties in cities around the country. I’m confident that based on my experience, the fact that they are all part of a large hotel chain, and the guest reviews that you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

How to Choose a Hotel

I suggest choosing one that provides wifi and free breakfast over one that doesn’t though. You never know how your cell reception will be in a different area, and if you’re bringing a laptop or tablet, you won’t have to worry about tethering or paying for wifi. Breakfast is a nice addition that saves money and keeps you fueled.

Even if you want to sleep in, you can go down and grab some food to store in your room for later. Pro tip: If you can get a room with a fridge and microwave included, you can store pizza or food from the grocery store to eat when you get in at some random hour of the night. Also, be sure to stock your room with water. You can get cases of 12-24 water bottles really cheap at any convenience store.

Earn Free Night Credit with the Hotels.com Rewards Program

With Hotels.com, you earn a free night for every 10 nights you book, so be sure to create a free account to take advantage of this. The free night is basically a credit for the average cost of your 10 booked nights, so it’s like saving 10% on your hotel expenses.

It’s free to sign up and start earning free night credit. Pro tip: You don’t even have to stay yourself to earn the nights. You can book rooms for your family’s or friends’ trips and get credit.


AirBnB Something Wicked 2016

AirBnB allows people who to rent out their accommodation to travelers like you.

You can rent anything from a night on someone’s couch to an entire mansion to yourself. Another benefit is that since you’re renting someone’s place, you get a taste of what it’s like to live in Houston (or whatever city you’re booking in) instead of just staying at a typical hotel.

Very often, renting a small private place is cheaper than a hotel.

Uber to/from Something Wicked 2016

I just wrote a blog post specifically about how to Uber to Something Wicked 2016 to save time and money.

Basically, Uber is awesome, and you get your first ride free using my code chrisp336.

something wicked uber free ride


Lyft is another popular ride sharing service, but they are not currently operating in Houston. We have political reasons to thank for slowing the progress of alternative, efficient transportation methods.

Sign up using CHRIS672662 (direct link here) for $50 in Lyft credit towards your first rides. Even though you can’t use the credit in Houston, you can use it in your home city or elsewhere during your travels.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this post. I love travelling efficiently, and hopefully this post will save you money in more ways than one.

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