Here’s some basic Full Moon Party advice

If you are planning to explore the breathtaking visuals of Thailand, then your trip won’t be complete without experiencing the world’s coolest all-night beach party in Thailand. Here is a handy guide to give you your dose of Full Moon Party advice. View all the tips and advice here.

Full Moon Party advice

First and foremost, have fun. This is likely the most popular beach party in the world. Following some simple Full Moon Party advice and tips will ensure you have the best time.

Thailand is one of the premier holiday destinations for people all over the world. Every year the country is bombarded with tourists and their number one attraction seems to be the highly popular Full Moon Party on the gorgeous island of Koh Phangan.

Simplify your logistics

One of the best things about this party is that getting to Koh Phangan Island from any area in Thailand won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. From super cheap ferries between the islands to overnight buses, you can easily get to the full moon party that is held every month. As for accommodation, book in advance to get cheap hostels in the best locations on the island. This will ensure you get the true feel of this amazing party.

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Create the perfect outfit

If you are confused about your attire for the coolest beach party that you will ever attend, then the answer to that dilemma is going all out with neon. No full moon party is complete without covering yourself in crazy neon body paint designs so that you shine all night long and look absolutely smashing in the black lights throughout the party.

Wear comfortable footwear like sneakers so that you can party it up all night long without killing your feet with blisters or risking stepping on debris or glass.

The Full Moon Party is all about letting go of your inhibitions and dancing all night long as the beats of electronic music play all around you. Get ready for the party of a lifetime where you will meet new people and eat amazing food while dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Book your accommodation early

The most important part of planning your Full Moon Party trip is making sure you have somewhere to sleep. Getting the island is easy as there are lots of backpackers and travelers just like you going every month. The fee to get in is only 100 baht to help keep the island clean, and food is cheap all over the island.

However, there is a limited amount of accommodation available, and obviously you want the best price and selection. You get this by researching where you want to stay and booking early. Once you have your accommodation booked, you can review this more comprehensive list of Full Moon Party advice and this travel guide for getting the island.

You can browse all upcoming events on Koh Phangan here or find the Full Moon Party date that works for you here.

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