Here’s GCCABO 2016 in Beautiful 4K – My Groove Cruise Cabo Aftermovie


Less than 2 weeks ago, I stepped off the ship after the longest rave I’ve ever attended. My Groove Cruise Cabo aftermovie presents an attendee’s perspective of the Halloween weekend festivities that went down aboard the Norwegian Sun.

The event went on for 120 straight hours at multiple venues on and off the ship. Parties were hosted at 2 luxury resorts in Cabo San Lucas, ME Cabo and Breathless.

Groove Cruise Cabo Aftermovie

While we wait for the official aftermovie, I’ve put together a recollection of my own experience aboard the 5 day floating music festival.

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GCCABO 2016 Review Coming Soon

I’m in grad school and I work full time, so I can’t crank out a review as fast as some of the popular EDM blogs. I’m going through pictures and writing when I can, so keep an eye out for my review of GCCABO 2016.

I’ll provide a thorough review of the event from an attendee’s perspective, and hopefully give you a better idea of what it’s like to party with the GCFAM.

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What do you think of my fan aftermovie? My goal is to give you an attendee’s perspective, which is why it’s recorded 100% on iPhone. No fancy cameras, no lenses, no backstage access. I’d love to hear what you think.