Groove Cruise Radio Throwback: Episode 66 with EC TWINS


I’m back it again. I’m going through the archives of Groove Cruise Radio, and today I’m bringing you Episode 66 featuring the EC TWINS.

Not only have they rocked stage aboard Groove Cruise, they’re also responsible for the 2013 Groove Cruise anthem.

Titled, “EC TWINS & Kalendr ft. KoKo Laroo (2013 Groove Cruise Anthem) Set The World On Fire, the EC TWINS’s sound is very fitting for the Groove Cruise experience.

I’m posting this article to bring you a throwback episode of Groove Cruise, episode 66, featuring the EC TWINS.

More on the EC TWINS

Marc and Allister Blackham, better known by their dance music act, EC TWINS, have been on the scene for years playing huge festivals like Groove Cruise, Tomorrowland, EDC, Coachella and more.

They’ve also been special celebrity guest judges on VH1’s “Master of the Mix” lending credit to their influence on dance music.

Be sure to check out their music and connect with them at all of their official links: