Groove Cruise Newbie Mistake: Not Pacing Yourself

Groove Cruise Miami Pictures (13)

Groove Cruise is a one-of-a-kind festival experience that is simply unmatched.

It’s easy to get excited, party too hard, and find yourself not meeting your goal of not sleeping for 3-4 days straight.

Pro tip: Get some sleep, just plan accordingly.

You will probably be reminded multiple times leading up to and including the first day onboard, but inevitably, there will be those that don’t pace themselves and end up passed out during the can’t-miss pool party set or not having the stamina to make it to the sweet afterhours parties (as shown in the picture above!).

After months of planning, the last thing we want to do is waste any time onboard. We want to be sure we’re experiencing every bit of this party that we can. That can lead to burnout pretty fast and when that happens, you may miss some sets you planned on attending.

Groove Cruise is a personal experience, and everyone’s experience is different, but I just want to be sure you get what you want out of it without regrets from partying too hard, too fast.

Pace yourself, catch that afterhours set, watch the sunrise, don’t miss your favorite artists, and have a good time.