Groove Cruise Miami 2021 Tickets on Sale 12/19 at 12pm ET

It’s 2019, GC Miami 2020 hasn’t sailed yet, and Groove Cruise Miami 2021 is already on sale? That’s correct. The cruise line industry has its quirks like any other. When Whet Travel said, “hey, we want to rent your cruise ship and throw a rave on it in 2021,” the cruise line industry said, “sure, but you have to start selling tickets by the end of the year [2019].” It’s odd, but whatever, that’s how things go sometimes when you want to rent a cruise ship. With that being said, Groove Cruise Miami 2021 tickets are on sale now, and there are some definite upsides to having more than a year to plan.

Ticket sales started at 12pm ET on 12/19/2019. Blind Faith Mafia members and current Groove Cruise Miami 2020 attendees have first dibs on staterooms with the remaining cabins being made available to the public.

Groove Cruise Miami 2021 tickets and details

Here’s what you need to know about the 2021 edition of Groove Cruise Miami.

  • Dates: January 7-11, 2021
  • Destination: Miami to Taino Bay, Puerto Plata
  • Ship: Celebrity Infinity

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Let me break this down.

More than a year out, you already know the dates for this floating festival. Put them in your calendar and lock it down – no excuses.

Next, this ship is going to Taino Bay, Puerto Plata, which is a BRAND NEW cruise line-industry owned port and this sailing will be the first charter to this destination. Taino Bay is a pirate themed oasis featuring pristine beaches and waterfalls in the jungle.

Finally, you’ll be sailing on the Celebrity Infinity, a GCFAM favorite and an very luxurious ship. Really, any cruise ship is 5-star luxury compared to camping festivals (which has their merits!), but the Celebrity Infinity is on another level. Additionally, this ship is undergoing a complete renovation in 2020 adding more contemporary interior design (by an award winning interior designer) and over 50 more staterooms meaning you get to party with even more of the GCFAM.

Prices, payment plans, and discounts

Yes, yes, and yes. All of these details are available now. Prices start at $699 person only when using my discount code: GrooveCruiseChris.

Payment Plans are available in both 10 monthly payments as well as a 50% down, 50% later options.

As mentioned above, you can use GrooveCruiseChris for an instant $50 off/person in addition to potential Pay-in-Full, Military, or Female Foursome discounts (if they’re announced).

Get the lowest priced tickets

This one is pretty straight forward – the earlier you book, the lower your price. Why? Well, prices go up over time as the event gets closer. This is pretty standard in the festival scene. Also, you get the best selection of cabin types by booking earlier.

Finally, you can use the discount code GrooveCruiseChris no matter when you book for $50 off per person instantly (whether you book online or over the phone), and this stacks with any other available discounts.

So, book now, lock in those dates, and enjoy the hype as it builds towards the 2021 edition of Groove Cruise Miami.