Groove Cruise Miami 2021 Payment Plans from just $87

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One look at the prices for this festival, and you may take a step back, but let’s be logical adults and see what’s going on here. Groove Cruise Miami 2021 is an all encompassing experience that includes MANY aspects of a destination festival. Including your ticket is your accommodation, food, transport aboard the ship to the destination and back, and a floating festival experience for the duration of the event. When you consider all that’s included, it’s easy to see that Groove Cruise offers an incredible value that lets you focus on making memories and not the logistics. Need to pay your cruise over time? No problem, check out the Groove Cruise Miami 2021 payment plans.

There are a couple of options available to you that allow you to pay for you and your crew’s cabin over time without any additional fees. That means you can lock in the best price today on the biggest selection of cabins and pay over time. If you’re really financially savvy, this means you can secure your spot on this ship at essentially 0% financing while collecting market returns on your portfolio over the duration of your payment plan.

No matter what option you choose, you can apply the discount code GrooveCruiseChris for an instant and easy $50 off/person. Not bad for the 2 seconds worth of work it takes to apply the code. You can also stack this with any other available discounts.

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Back on topic, prices start at $699/person with my discount code, and here’s an overview of the payment plans available to you.

Groove Cruise Miami 2021 payment plans

They start at just $87!

You have three options available to you when it comes to paying for your cabin:

  • Pay-in-Full
  • Deposit + Monthly Payment Plan
  • Deposit + 50/50 Payment Plan

Pay In Full

This is really a payment option rather than a plan. The premise is simple. Your cabin total is due by the time you complete the checkout process. You’ll enter your credit card details, confirm payment, and you’re all done.

Keep an eye out for “Pay-in-Full” promos where you can save x% by paying in full by a certain date. It’s not guaranteed, and you shouldn’t wait, but be sure to do a quick search if you’re planning on paying in full anyways.

Deposit + Monthly Payment Plan

This is the payment plan option that most of you are familiar with. There’s a down payment, then there’s payments made monthly until the balance is paid off.

If you choose this option, the amount of your deposit, the amount of your monthly payment, and the amount of monthly payments will depend on when you book and what type of cabin you book.

Deposit + 50/50 Plan

This payment plan is one you don’t typically see with other festivals, but understanding it is easy. You pay a deposit now, 50% of the balance by a given date, and remaining 50% of the balance by another given date.

Like the monthly payment plan, the amount and the deposit and payments as well as the due dates will differ depending on when you book and what you book.

Review the terms and conditions

When checking out and choosing a payment plan, the terms and conditions of the payment plan will be provided to you. Make sure you read and understand them. Your card details will be kept on file, and there are fees for late payments. Additionally, in some extreme cases, you could lose your reservation if you don’t pay your balance.

Payment Plan Support

You can reach out to Captain Support for any and all questions regarding payment plans:

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