Groove Cruise Miami 2021 Discounts and Savings

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Attending music festivals is not cheap, no matter you look at it. But, these are experiences that we value and any money we can save along the way is a good thing. With the being said, let’s take a look at how to save the most money on this cruise ship rave by looking at the available Groove Cruise Miami 2021 discounts and other ways to save.

With the event taking place January 7-11, 2021, you have a lot of time to plan and optimize your spending to ensure the most return for your money.

Groove Cruise Miami 2021 discounts

Let’s look at what we know:

  1. Groove Cruise Miami 2021 is on sale now
  2. Cabins start at $699/person when using my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris
  3. Prices will go up over time and the festival nears

Using that information, the best way to save money on the festival ticket/cabin itself is to:

  1. Book now
  2. When checking out, apply the code GrooveCruiseChris for an instant $50/person

What does this do? It gives you the biggest selection of cabins at the lowest price and then knocks off another $50/person instantly. That alone can save you up to $200/cabin.

Other discounts?

In the past Whet Travel has featured discounts like Military discounts and Female Foursome discounts. These are easy to apply, if available, but I don’t believe those have been announced yet for this event. Keep an eye on their socials or reach out to if you have questions about those.

Book now

Check out the prices and payment plans, then go ahead and book your cabin. The earlier the better. There are no additional fees for using a payment plan, so you can secure the best price, then pay over time. Additionally, Groove Cruise makes it easy to split your payment between your cabin mates if you don’t want to manage the money on your end. See you on the ship!